My Mother was harassed to death



April 6th, 2010


To:  Management, Denise McCoy, Harpo Productions, Dateline NBC, Meet The Press, Mrs. Laroach, Randy Sheets, Hoang Yen T. Nguyen


From:  Helena Howard, Unit #214 B

Stefan Keith Howard, 1419 Chew Ave.

Phila. Pa. 19141


Subject: Criminal Complaint Ensuing against Mr. James Herring, Unit #314


As we have explained to you and your professional staff on numerous occasions, these are not your normal run of the mill “Noise Complaints.” We appreciate and respect your concerns, however, In-House arbitration simply does not apply. The problem is not unique to the Phillip Murray House. Gang stalking activities are worldwide. After almost 2 years of having Philadelphia Police coming out to warn Mr. Herring of impending litigation if he did not cease and desist this arrogant noise campaign, we must now pursue litigation in the courts.


We allege that Mr. Herring has been recruited and or coerced and has participated, sublet and allowed Gang Stalking personnel within his apartment.  The psychological effects of 24/7 dropping, scraping, and tapping noises has been reported to deteriorate mental health and actually cause death or hospitalization. This is a common tactic initiated by Gang/Group Stalkers. Please read Gang Stalking and Domestic Terrorism by D T Stockton. On Page 11 our argument is supported. Online information is voluminous.  Please refer to DOJ (US Dept Of Justice) special report titled “Stalking Victimization in the United States.” Publication Dated January 2009 #ncj 224527. This landmark report makes it undeniably clear that stalking by multiple stalkers unknown to the target happens to roughly half a million Americans as of 2006. We regret that you have to be involved in these domestic terrorist acts. Charges will be filed.


Deirdre Murphy, a prior resident of Unit 214B also complained to management concerning Mr. Herring’s blatant behavior. Management had knowledge to these Section 13 violations prior to assigning said unit to Mrs. Howard. Why would they knowingly move Mrs. Howard (87 years old with multiple pending illnesses) into a hostile environment? The subsequent complaints (Starting 2008) from Mrs., Howard to management concerning Mr. Herring’s arrogant spiteful conduct should have come as no surprise to Management. Mrs. Howard would also appreciate less aggressive knocking when visited by management. Door knocks have personality.



To the highly respected professional of HUD.

Gangstalking is Domestic Terrorism. Domestic terrorism is a federal offense. Americans torturing their own people is treason. The following gentlemen have been recruited and have harassed my 88-year-old mother because in am a whistle blower. I request that all Philip           Murray personnel be asked to submit to a polygraph analysis. I would also request a reimbursement of all moneys paid be given back to my mother just for starters. Please take some time and research "Gang, Group, Vigilante” Stalkers.

Since the harassment continues, I will also.







Helena LeVere Howard

Stefan Keith Howard