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Hello Courtney


First, I would like to thank you again for your timely interventions. I am deeply appreciative.


I value our relationship and have made it a point not to bother with trivial matters. Gangstalking/Group/Vigilante harassment is a Government sponsored hypocrisy. It is worldwide, pervasive and growing. I extremely regret voicing these realities because the recipient of these truths often is disheartened or unbelieving. You have to research "GANGSTALKING" to fully grasp the insanities. Ulysses Bowman, Apt 1103, Cordell Paterson, 802 and James Paterson, 314 have been recruited and have psychologically tortured my Mom since she moved to the Philip Murray House. This steady unrelenting arrogant hate crime has taken its toll. She is dying. She has COPD. Apt, 214B to date has not been rented. As you know it is over the building boiler and License and inspection (Mr. Hand) has ignored my request for a written disposition. The assistant fire commissioner (Chief Williams) is slow walking me also. This letter is motivated by the most recent harassment.


Mr. Cordell Paterson Apt (803) in 2007 complained to management 6 to 10 times that loud noises were coming from my moms apt. This is a typical Gangstalking tactic. Naomi was the deliver of the bogus complaints. I asked her for each report to be given to me for examination and evidence. She said "Oh I don't always write it down." There was a leak last month in the bathroom over the toilet and the ceiling has water damage and is chafed. Maintenance has yet to repair it. It has been about a month now. Mr. Cordel Paterson Banged on my 88-year-old sickly moms door about two weeks ago complaining about water coming into his apt. My Mom is in 1002. He is in 802. I told him that the problem is not ours. Why did he not Bang on Apt. 902? I will send you an unbelievable JPG, which suggest a close proximity, and my Mom occupying 1002 is not happenstance. Just recently he banged again even louder. The following is a .LOG file in notepad:


8:53 PM 11/22/2010- Insert: 3 weeks before my mom died!

I just called 911 and the police are coming out.
Mr. Cordell Paterson just banged on my mothers door complaining about water dripping in his apt. I told him again that the problem is not ours. He harassed my mother when she was in apt. 802. He said there was a lot of noise coming from my moms apt. He filled complaints with management over 6 times. This harassment is because I am a whistle blower and the family members are often targeted. I want to file charges against him for harassment, verbal abuse and mental cruelty towards my mother. When I told him "I know who you are and what you're doing and there are people who know what you are." He walked down the hall screaming F U FU!.................. I called him a pussy. Please excuse the language. Gangstalkers are relentless, arrogant P____Ys. They also GET PAID. The Police came out and took a report. I have the DC number on file.


A full statement will be forwarded to you and Philadelphia authorities. Courtney.... Please, if possible, forward this email to a trusted person with the authority to actually do something. HUD facilities across the nation have personnel employing these tactics. It is no coincidence that the target is often surrounded by recruited domestic terrorist in adjacent apts. This cancer is growing and our nation is slowly, quietly imploding.


With Gods love,


Helena Howard and Stefan Keith Howard.


PS I have an Album that will be marketed soon. I am sending a copy of one of the songs.

It is about a compulsive gamble, unconditional love and prudence. 

My Site is just a placeholder. It will be up and running very soon.

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