-They Tooks My Money-
Written and performed by me.
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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou
My Mother just died at Chestnut Hill Hospital DEC 11th, 2010. All indications suggest
gastrointestinal complications or possible food poisoning. I was present when the severe stomach pains started. She was admitted into Chestnut Hill rehab in fairly good condition. Four hours later she was dead. Chestnut Hill Hospital will not authorize an autopsy. We don't have the money. I seek a full investigation. Today is Dec. 20th 2010. After the initial shock and grieving my mothers passing, I can objectionably say her death was at least suspicious. She was Gangstalked for ten years. Relentless noise campaign, false accusations and banging on her door, were just some of the hate crime tactics initiated against her. I have reported these harassment's on a dozen occasions and have times, dates and District Control Numbers. She was a tenant at the Philip Murray House located at 6300 Old York Rd, Phila., Pa., 19141. The guilty participants must be held responcible. Please contact the Governor, Mayor, Police Commissioner, DAs Office an Others. Please take some time and Google or research "Gangstalking." or click the following: "Links and Symptoms" Stefan Keith Howard-215-276-0269 or 215-303-3394.
Note: I have three millimeter linear bilateral excoriation's between the root of the helix and tragus. This is THE location and source of unbelievable insane pain. I have yet to find a doctor to directly address this issue with due diligence Click Microchip. Perhaps it is because they have mortgages and children. I don't blame them.
Greetings and Welcome! I SKH have been remotely tortured almost on a daily basis since December 2000. Millions worldwide are targeted by Gangstalkers with directed energy weapons capability. Google "Americans Torturing Americans," an article I naively penned ten years ago which in retrospect seems like a thousand.(years}. Members are recruited and or coerced to psychologically torture harass and even murder the targets. This site is a compilation of documentation and links spanning the web exposing and explaining new/old technologies used for good and bad. Remote torture is a precursor to "Multiple Murder Crimes."Have you wondered why there has been a rash of crimes involving people going berserk and lashing out at several others? Perhaps in these times of impending global destruction, any and all technologies will be considered or implemented when the preservation of mankind (or a select group) is at stake. The global moral compass is in a desperate state of disrepair. The mentality driving these covert sadistic esoteric hypocrisies is simply absurd. The breakthroughs in the neuroscience's are\will be amazing. Unfortunately some of these brilliant behavioral\neural scientist have tortured and murdered in an all to familiar attempt to control mankind. This operation is doomed to failure. The human spirit will not be tamed. Click the following for a List of Publications. Papers written about the BIOEFFECTS OF MICROWAVE RADIATION Research into biological and psychological effects of exposure to microwave radiation are voluminous. The US public has been led to believe that the former Soviet Union leads in this research. The fact is, the CIA and DOD [Department of Defense] have jointly pursued precisely the same research since commencement of Project Pandora in the 1950s. The current primary users of this research appear to be the CIA, DOD, the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Energy (DOE). The Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) has participated in this research since Project Pandora. In 1973, WRAIR discovered that externally induced auditory input could be achieved by means of pulsed microwave audiograms, or analogs of spoken words' sounds. The effect on the receiving end is the (schizophrenic) sensation of "hearing voices" which are no part of the recipients' own thought processes. The experiment prompted the following comment in "The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life," by Robert O. Becker, MD, and Gary Selden (Wm. Morrow & Company, NY, 1985): "Such a device has obvious applications in covert operations designed to drive a target crazy with 'voices' or deliver undetected instructions to a programmed assassin. " Multiple Murder Crimes?" skh. Don't wait for somebody else to act. Call, email, blog and twit everybody you know and tell them to Google; "Directed Energy Weapons", "Remote Torture","Remote Neural Monitoring","MKULTRA", and "Group/Gang/ Stalking." You will be helping to SAVE AMERICAN LIVES. Here is a link to a Perfume Gift for Gang Stalkers. DOJ (US Dept. of Justice) special report titled "Stalking Victimization in the United States." Dated January 2009, publication #NCJ 224527. This landmark report makes it undeniably clear that stalking by multiple stalkers, unknown to the target, happens to roughly half a million Americans as of 2006. Prior to this report, targets could not challenge the denials by police and doctors that multiple perpetrator stalking happens. An updated report addressing "Gang Stalkers" is unlikely. Targets and activists are urged to save this report to their hard drives. Again, Gangstalking is domestic terrorism. Domestic terroriem is a federal offense. Americans torturing Americans is Treason!. Licensing songs from Broken Brain Publishing (BMI) will enable V.O.M.I.T. to help targeted individuals(TIs) . Click on our stomach turning logo V.O.M.I.T. (Victims Of Microwave Intense Torture) if  you would like to donate a gift of any kind or amount. The following site is an excellent source of information. Please visit Freedomfchs.com (Freedom From Covert Harassment  And Surveilance) hosted by my friend Derrick Robinson. Donate to V.O.M.I.T. by purchasing the single written and sung by me available below. It is about a compulsive gambler without a clue. Please come back from time to time as I am new to web authoring. Call Stefan Keith Howard at 215-954-4149 or 215-276-0269. Tell a friend. ank You.
Presented By Stefan Keith Howard

Evil Flourishes When Good People Do Nothing !
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Philip Murray House
6300 Old York Road
Phila., Pa., 19141
Helena L Howard
lower right and friend
Harassed 24/7 in ALL three apartments by Gangstalkers using noise campaign,false reports, intentional neglect, slander
We love you Mom.
Click the following to see an Actual News Story on 60 Minutes showing the effects of Directed energy Weapons. Portable devices were used on my mother and me. skh 12/29/2010
Philip Murray House
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