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              Gangstalker Orchestrated or Isolated Incident

The police report Number is 2010-35--083160


Sunoco Inc.
1735 Market Street
Philadelphia, Pa. 19103-7583

Mr. Mayor; Michael Nutter
Mr. Charles Ramsey
Internal Affairs
Det. Hobbs
News Ten Investigators
Jim Donavan
Lionel Ritchie
Various Phila. Police Districts
Whom It May Concern Or: Who gives a damn!

Ladies and Gentlemen: 

This is more than just a human-interest story. All of us at one time or another has experienced financial transactions to which we were the subject or target of people with duplicitous unscrupulous character. The following is my account of a familiar scenario.

Title: Count Your Change or /Easy Like Sunday Morning

On Sunday, October 17th, 2010, at 6am I entered the Sunoco A+ convenience store at 5810 N. Broad to purchase a few junk food items for my sickly Mom who lives at the Philip Murray House approximately 5 blocks away at Old York Road and Stenton Ave in Phila. I was still half awake and my appearance was subtlety disheveled. I placed the stuff on the counter and the on duty cashier announced “twenty-five dollars and sixty-seven cents.”{$25.67} I immediately did a quick ruff estimate and was curiously unsurprised. “No way were these items to be purchased with my moms food stamp card would amount to that much.” I then asked for a receipt. He gave me a small piece of paper that depicted the accumulated total only. May I have an itemized receipt please? Only then was it begrudgingly surrendered. Upon examination I discovered three “Hot Food” items that is in violation of Access Card State Law. The supposed purchase was DW Beef Hot at $1.69 apiece. The other two fictitious items were listed as Cooler N-Tax (2) at $3.29. The total over billing amounts to $11.65. I bought this rip-off to his attention and he became defensive and belligerent. His outrageous explanation was he saw me on the stores surveillance video stealing the Hot Dogs a day before. This absurd and ridiculous attack on my character was not taken politely. I sad to him ‘I caught you ripping me of and that's the best you can come up with? Note: There are also two Cooler items on the receipt. What the heck it that.... Tax? I told him I was going outside the store to call the police at a pay phone about twenty feet away. He electronically locked the door. (He wanted to call the cops FIRST) When the police came I was totally disrespected. This peaceful Sunday morning has become crazy. I told the officers he got caught stealing from a patron and that is hypocritical. The officer and the merchant went in the back room to view the Video.He and the officer returned. The officer told me I have to choices, One I could immediately leave the premises or Two he would lock me up because he said he had seen me on the video committing the crime. I told him to LOCK ME UP! I also told him he was a LIAR. I also asked the officer if I could have the name of the merchant and the he told me I would be violating the merchants’ civil rights. I had a right to know the name of my accuser. I felt like I had been shit on twice. Upon leaving the store and being so upset, I forgot my window cleaning tools and pole in the store. The partner of the accusing officer told me I had forgotten to take my tools. She also said If I did not come back and get them she would have to throw them in a dumpster. This comment was malicious and contemptible. A discrimination charge against the officers will probably never see the light of day!
I walked north on Broad Street (two blocks to the 35th district) to report the incident. Make no mistake; I respect law enforcement, as they are very special people. While at the 35th, I tried to contact a Detective whom I've known for some time and sought his advice. He did not work that day. The front desk personnel pretty much conveyed a message that this was a low priority matter and maybe I should pursue a civil case against the merchant. Note: No disciplinary advice was given concerning the officers conduct. Was the behavior of the police officer justified? He did not see me committing a crime but he said he did. The merchant is guilty in my opinion of filling a false police report, defamation, slander and theft. He also violated state laws when he charged me for “Hot Food”. The attorney general has been notified. Also I called Sunoco (center city Philadelphia) and Nicole (fax 1-866-626-4958) took a formal complaint report. She said the problem would be investigated. How many people has this arrogant dishonest person swindled? When I arrived at my moms Apt. I called 911 and a supervisor from the 35th came out and listened. This man was clean cut attentive and professional. It was easy to understand why he has rank. A photo of the items purchased and a scan of the receipts accompany this letter. I seek counseling and representation. Again, I asked the officer for the NAME of the merchant and he said I WOULD BE VIOLATING HIS (the merchant’s) RIGHTS. Please Help! The Police Report Number Is 2010-35-083160. Don’t forget to………. “COUNT YOUR CHANGE!”.

Stefan Keith Howard
Broken Brain Music BMI
1419 Chew Ave.
Philadelphia, Pa 19141
Phone 215 -276-0269 or 215-224-1983
V.O.M.I.T. Inc.
Victims Of Microwave Intense Torture
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