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Sunday, January 29, 2012

To: Americans!

From: Stefan Keith Howard/remotely tortured almost daily since Dec 2000/

Does our Government have the power to subliminally influence “YOUR VOTE”
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The enclosed attached graphics and documents support several arguments pending resolution and exposure.

1. Philip Murray House Harassment; Criminal Negligence, Wrongful Death, Harassment, Psychological Cruelty.

My mother Helena L Howard (died Dec 11th 2010) was harassed the entire time she lived in the Philip Murray House located at 6200 Old York Road, Phila. Pa. 19141. Also, Linda Flowers also beat her with a police nightstick at the Walnut Park Plaza located at 63rd and Walnut St in 2002. I have dedicated my website ( to exposing Denise McCoy, Naomi Cane, Cordell Paterson, James Herring, Ulysses Bowman, maintenance personnel and others. The word is (above underlined names) they got fired several months back. Why did they get fired? I have supporting Docs. 1.
Pictures of Ducts under here Apt. She had COPD. Management would not move her to a safer environment. James Herring in Apt.314 dropped bowling ball type objects 2 am in the morning. Google “Noise Campaign”. Here is a link to the response I sent to management Click Here . Please Google “NOISE CAMPIAGN Fire dept. and L and I dropped the ball. Her Apt was directly over the building boiler and the exhaust ducts spewed toxic gas into her residence. Please talk with Fire Captain Mcmullen and BCI Grimes at the 35th police district. Cheif Williams (3rd and Spring Garden) who has since died was faxed over 20 supporting documents.

2. Sunoco Convenience Store: Merchant robs patron.  False Police Report, Merchant Law Violation, Police Misconduct, Theft, Fraud def of character and slander. Attached are pictures of items purchased along with receipts and my account of the injustice.
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3. Clean Tech Services: after 25 years of window cleaning. Linda Desiderio is deliberately withholding funds for window washing at the Kling/Stubbin Partnership in Phila and to help fail V.O.M.I.T. Inc. I lost self-storage memorabilia and evidence in some other cases along with pain and suffering due to Clean Tec repeatedly saying "NEXT WEEK" or we want to coordinate the cleaning with “THE EVENT”. I inturn repeated to my creditor , I would have the funds "Next Week".I believe this was Gangstalker organized harassment. At what point in time did someone at Clean Tec say; “we should have paid him when we had a chance!” It is no longer about the money. I seek media coverage. My respect for Michael Samschick at present remains.
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4. L and I Case: Unprofessional work, unnecessary work, Violation of Rights, protocol and the alleged intentionally breaking of two 5 by 3 front windows.In 2011, L and I came to 1419 Chew and told me to repair two windows at the top of the concrete steps in front of my home. Jonathan had me sign a document stating I agree to do the necessary repairs within the time allotted. He said he or another L and I representative would be back in (15) Fifteen Days to inspect my progress. Instead of keeping his word, He returned the very next day with police officers and boarded up the entire front and one side window. If I didn’t hear the commotion, I would have been boarded up in my own house. Additionally, Jonathan broke the middle and left windows of the front of the house. Examination from the INSIDE of the house will provide evidence to this fact. My house windows have been previously broken by Gangstalkers. I called L and I on north American Ave and asked if could I be forwarded all paperwork involving this matter. The response was ‘WE WILL SEND YOU A BILL” She was a main supervisor at that location. My cellar was intentionally flooded. Recruitment of Gangstalkers is pervasive. The recruiters are charming charismatic master manipulators. Again, this is the dark side or the behavioral and neural sciences at work and play.

5. In 2002 LINDA FLOWERS wheeling a police stick at the Walnut Park Plaza at 6300 Walnut Street, Phila, beat My Mother, Helena LeVere Howard senseless,. Pa. The Dept. of HUD has Gangstalkers within their ranks. Recruitment and the acquisition of tenants in adjacent apartments is common You guys came out. (55th Pine Police) I always believed it was PSYCHIC DRIVING. Please Help
MS Regina Medina,
Phila Daily News

You did a story years ago concerning Catharine Smullen. She was brutally murdered in her home at 19th and Nedro. Check your archives. If I can remember correctly you said a man with an orange shirt was taken in for questioning. I washed her windows for twenty years. Detectives put me through the grinders at homicide. So much for history. I explained to the detectives that although this was a horrific crime I wanted to alert them to
Americans Torturing Americans. <> The Media, Medical, Political, and Law Enforcement communities are complaisant, compliant and complicit. I will do everything I can to expose these esoteric hypocrisies. A political   platform topic of this type is unlikely. Let me see what I can do to make it so.

The following is unbelievable. My yahoo site has been hacked. ( Check it in the future.
The Guilty participant is Linda Desiderio.  She refuses to pay me for cleaning a four story (Kling 2301 Chestnut St,. Phila Pa.) block long buildings interior windows. She is a possible recruited Gangstalker. Please Investigate. An audit of Clean Tec Services will expose my years of dedicated service. I believe EVERYBODY GOT PAID EXCEPT ME.


How Smart Is This?

Mr. Chaka Fattah

Just as unbelievable as Gangstalking is…. so are the extremes taken to initiate a harassment. I believe “Directed Energy or a lethal poison implant or a combination of both murdered my mother. After a colonoscopy she complained of having 3 pool ball size objects in her stomach. Her doctors played down my mothers’ complaints. She died Dec 11th and had an appointment with Temple Hospital on Dec.16th for a second opinion. I pleaded with Philadelphia officials to investigate her death and to grant her an autopsy and absolutely no one would help. I will not divulge any names because they know who they are. I have been REMOTELY TORTURED since Dec. 2000. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are victimized. This is the dark side of the behavioral and neural sciences. Poisoning is one of many techniques implemented to targeted individuals. This minister of evil will enter your dwelling when you are not home and kill your dog, cat, and parrot…………... This is the dark side of the behavioral and neural sciences.

Bill Daily the last building maintenance manager at the Kling Building (2301 Chestnut Street, Phila. Pa.). Is said to have suddenly suffered mental health problems. (Was he targeted?) When I cleaned the Kling in the past I’d have a Giant poster (above)  on my boom saying “Google Americans Torturing Americans.” Is it possible that Dave Karcher was recruited and planted in his current position? Bank records and checks paid will validate my claims. Kling has a sign in book that the night cleaners must sign. Ida the night crew supervisor can also concur my presence and work completed. Also unknown Kling employees will attest to the blinds being leveled after window washing  on all floors in my attempt to please Mike and Mr. Karcher. Only someone of your resources and contacts could even begin to find the truth. An inquiry or investigation would be welcome. If it is not possible at this time, I would like to thank you in advance for considering my request. Side bar………….My grandmother Rachael Burroughs lived at 1252 N. Frazier. I played in several bands in West Philadelphia.

The following was taken from the web.

Nanotech implants in peoples' brains could trigger the release of any desired brain chemical to keep a civilian population docile and compliant.  Nanotech devices could be implanted in the skin of individuals to trigger the pain receptors on command.  Horrible excruciating pain could be switched on or off like a light and leave no physical damage of any kind.  There could even be a lethal poison implant.  Any of these implants could be remotely triggered for a specific individual.  Each citizen could be implanted with unremovable and easily readable identification nanodevices that could be powered from bioelectricity.  These implants could continuously broadcast the location of that individual.  Pain or death could be triggered automatically if an individual left an allowed area or entered a forbidden zone.

I have respectfully cleaned the Kling (2301 Chestnut Street) windows in Philadelphia since the 80s. Today is Mon Jan. 9th and Linda Desiderio is STILL withholding 1200.00 that would help me try to grow V.O.M.I.T. Inc. There are people who do not want me to succeed. 

Dave Karcher’s. (Klings new building maintenance managers) behavior was disrespectful, unprofessional and discriminatory.

The following is a rough draft of the sequence of dialogue ambiguities in 2011 and my account of a possible Gangstalker orchestrated psychological harassment:

The alleged guilty participant is Linda Desiderio. She is a possible recruited Gangstalker. Please Investigate. I believe EVERYBODY GOT PAID EXCEPT ME.

Bill Daily the last building maintenance manager at the Kling Building (2301 Chestnut Street.) is said to have suddenly suffered mental health problems. (Was he targeted?) When I cleaned the Kling in the past I’d have a Giant poster (above) on my boom saying “Google Americans Torturing Americans.”  Drivers proceeding east on Chestnut Street coming from 30th and Chestnut easily saw my alert. Is it possible that Dave Karcher (The NEW Kling maintenance manager) was recruited and planted in his current position? An audit of Clean Tech will provide evidence of loyal service to the company. Only someone of your resources and contacts could even begin to find the truth. An inquiry or investigation would be welcome. If it is not possible at this time, I would like to thank you in advance for considering my request. Side bar………….My grandmother Rachael Burroughs lived at 1252 N. Frazier. (died at age 104) I played in several bands in west Philadelphia.


215-276-0269 or 215-224-1983


Mike Samschick, Linda Desiderio, Erica, Claire
Clean Tech Services Inc.
114 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19106
Website: www.cleantechser.
Phone:  215-829-4465 / 215-627-1681
Fax:      215-923-1325....


Jim Yadavaia CFO
Kling Lindquist Partnership Inc.
2301 Chestnut Street
PHILADELPHIA, PA  19103-3035  
Phone: (215) 569-2900

Mr. Mike Samschick and Mr. Jim Yadavaia

It seems like yesterday meeting you when located in your south Philly office. I sincerely appreciate the over 25 years of washing windows for Clean Tech Services. As you know the procedure and sequence of Window Cleaning for the Kling/Lindquist Partnership Building located at 2301 chestnut street for the year 2011 has been disrupted due to scheduling ambiguities and perhaps more serious matters. Having an understanding of the uniqueness of the building structure and a desire to please you and David Karcher, the NEW building maintenance manager, I made it a priority to take my time and do the best interior cleaning possible. In the past twenty something years as you know, the exterior cleaning immediately followed the interior cleaning. Erica repeatedly delayed and postponed the exterior because she said “The weather was not Ideal”, Then the excuse changed to a “coordinating the exterior cleaning” with what Linda Desiderio phrased as “The Event” I spoke with Mr. Karcher and he told me he wanted the windows cleaned “ASAP”. He also said he was unaware of any “EVENT”. The discrepancy in these statements suggests a breakdown in communications or a hidden agenda. To explore the possibilities is not the purpose of this FAX. (Mike…I simply want to get paid and move on.) I asked Erica if it would be possible for me to get an advance because the $200.00 received for cleaning four floors of office windows 5 months ago is hardly compensation for work completed. Erica said since the exterior cleaning was “So Close” an advance is denied. It seems that Linda is deliberately withholding funds. Please make a note. SHE STILL WOULD NOT GIVE ME A CLEANING DATE.  There is no other way to say the following.  She appeared cruel and insensitive. On Wed. 10am December 14th I signed in at the Kling to ask Mr. Dave Karcher for a “Sign Off” on the interior work completed. The receptionist said he was at the satellite building down the street (On Ionic St.). I went to the Ionic street building and could not locate him. Upon returning to the 2301 Chestnut St. location, I called Clean Tec to ask if the cleaning will be scheduled before Christmas. Erica repeatedly said Linda does not want you in the building. I tried to explain that I simply needed a sign off. They would not listen. Linda became belligerent and possibly discriminatory. She said that I was BOTHERING the client and ordered me to leave the building. This comment was insulting and suggests racial bias. Please explain to her that window cleaners are people too.  To suggest that when I seek a respectful dialog that I am somehow not worthy is derogatory. While trying to rationally discuss the problem with Linda she became antagonistic. Dave Karcher came in the building with aggressive body language and caught the tail end of my efforts to have a sensible dialog with Linda. Linda had called him while I was waiting to talk with her. I was at the front desk and saw the call come in. Mr. Karcher refused to give me a sigh off and said, ” Hang Up The Phone and get off the premises.” I asked him if I could get my ladder located in the cellar. Bernie Mylus and Bill Daily the previous building maintenance managers afforded me the courtesy of having ladders in the building to use when cleaning the Kling and occasionally on Saturdays to work in South Phila. He said, ”How do I know if the ladder is yours?”  At this time the inference is that I am a liar. I explained that I had a job in South Philadelphia and he was taking money out of my pocket. I reluctantly called the police. Please consider my position. It is my earnest attempt to settle this matter.

Stefan Keith Howard
215-276-0269 or 215-224-1983

I and hundreds of thousands of Americans are remotely tortured daily.  Please Help!

If you would like to send a check it would go to repair and save my home, obtaining legal non-profit status, and grow V.O.M.I.T. Inc. to expose these esoteric hypocricies and help to save American lives.

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Stefan Keith Howard
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