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Sunday, June 17, 2012--- 40th anniversary of Watergate

To: The ACLU

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The purpose of V.O.M.I.T. Inc and this newsletter are to Mobilize Americans against GANGSTALKERS. I type this letter from a unique position and perspective. “Group/Vigilante/Gangstalking”,(bullies on steroids) is covert harassment and remote physical and psychological torture. Its members include a rogue cult group networked from coast to coast. Hundreds of thousands of targeted American lives have been traumatically downgraded or ended. Don’t take these text on face value. The contents of this newsletter should be cross-referenced and googled for credibility, validation and jaw dropping truths. To CONTROL the populace seems to be the main purpose and motivation. These operations were implemented BEFORE WATERGATE! Please Google Mkultra. There are publications written by Physicist, Physicians, Psychiatrist Neurosurgeons and the like at Some online opinions predict an implosion of some sort within the American infrastructure. Others have gone so far to suggest a future Information Technological civil war. These esoteric hypocrisies are unbelievable to naïve people who view the world through rose-colored glasses or travel with their fishbowls close at hand. A sort of psychological “comfort Zone” accompanied by fear/denial and or an “I don’t want to get involved” mindset, has kept these outrageous practices largely unknown. Even I, having been remotely tortured for 12 years, have difficulty wrapping my brain around these inhumane absurd hate crimes. Operating under the guise of national security, the participants have little opposition. This is the dark side of the behavioral and neural sciences. This Tuskegee mentality with a high tech twist is simply shameful. I regret to inform you that Americans are being remotely tortured and murdered with Directed Energy weapons 24/7.. Unauthorized gps implants, cell phone tapping, and the total ownership of the DIGITAL DOMAIN render these self-righteous individuals a major threat to world peace and what is left of our imagined freedoms. The purpose of these “Psychological Operations” is to physically, psychologically and spiritually bankrupt the so-called dissidents. When victims seek help from the medical, media, political and law enforcement communities we are routinely (systematically?) shunned. I personally have been dismissed from several major hospitals in Philadelphia. Preconceived uninformed or deliberate misdiagnoses render medical professionals willing or unwilling enablers and allow these crimes against humanity to continue and flourish. It is time for the media to fight back, investigate, publicly acknowledge and expose the insanities. AMERICAN LIVES ARE AT STAKE! The orchestrators are master manipulators with proper ID and recruit from bus boy to CEO. Again this is a relentless ongoing 24/7 killing and harassing of innocent Americans with high tech weapons. Why use a
VMADS <> (Vehicle Mounted Active Denial Systems) when we have these “Non Lethal Weapons” (LETHAL!) mounted on Military Satellites. TIs (Targeted Individuals) have little recourse. Some commit suicide while others have gone berserk. (Multiple Murder Crimes?) Information online is voluminous. Every time I read or hear a story where someone snaps and kills several people, I wonder if they were targeted. Please contact your political affiliates and request an independent investigation conducted by more than one group. Mental health patients are on the front lines and are targeted and remotely stimulated electronically. Google Psychic Driving. I have and will continue to be vigilant in exposing these esoteric hypocrisies sponsored by a rogue/cult assemblage operating under the guise of national security. . Little Slimy Buggy Type Things Scurry Quickly When The Rock Is Overturned.

The following text is an excerpt copied from a knowledgeable person online.

Nanotech implants in peoples' brains could trigger the release of any desired brain chemical to keep a civilian population docile and compliant. Nanotech devices could be implanted in the skin of individuals to trigger the pain receptors on command. Horrible excruciating pain could be switched on or off like a light and leave no physical damage of any kind. There could even be a lethal poison implant. Any of these implants could be remotely triggered for a specific individual. Each citizen could be implanted with unremovable and easily readable identification nanodevices that could be powered from bioelectricity. These implants could continuously broadcast the location of that individual. Pain or death could be triggered automatically if an individual left an allowed area or entered a forbidden zone.

My house has been totally vandalized. Windows broken… Electric meters broken… Cellar deliberately flooded… L and I broke two front windows…. Gas company billing me thousands of dollars for ONE GAS PILOT LIGHT. I have been remotely tortured DAILY for 12 years. Today is 6/17/2012 3:16:20 AM. I am being remotely tortured NOW.
It is my mission to put vomit on the lips of everyone in Washington. I seek funding and or sponsorship to grow V.O.M.I.T. Inc. Please Donate $10 or whatever your heart tells you.

I would like to schedule an appointment to discuss these matters in detail. Evil Flourishes When Good People Do Nothing! Thank you for your valuable time.

ACLU Phone Number Phila.
1-877-745-2258 extension 1
Sat. 11 to 3

Stefan Keith Howard
Broken Brain Music BMI
1419 Chew Ave
Philadelphia, Pa 19141
Phone: 215-276-0269 or 215-224-1983
Web: <>
V.O.M.I.T. Inc \Victims Of Microwave Intense Torture

The following is an email I received from the ACLU

Dear ACLU Supporter,

Tell President Obama: We need transparency about the government's targeted killing program.

(Do not forward: This link will open a page with your information already filled in.)
It seems unbelievable: through a joint operation between the CIA and the military, three U.S. citizens are killed by unmanned predator drones, far from any battlefield. None of them were charged with a crime, and no court reviewed the government's decision to kill its own citizens.

Yet, it's true.

In September last year, American citizens Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan were killed when unmanned drones operated by the CIA and the U.S. military fired missiles at the car in which they were traveling.1 Two weeks later, Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, a 16-year-old born in Colorado, was killed in a military drone strike.

Our government's killing of American citizens without charge or trial raises profound questions that ought to be the subject of public debate. That's why we filed a lawsuit yesterday to demand that the government release basic - and accurate - information about its targeted killing program.

Stand with us. Tell President Obama: We need transparency about the government's targeted killing program. (Do not forward: This link will open a page with your information already filled in.)

The Obama administration has released very little information about its targeted killing program. Its official position is that the program is a state secret - and some of the information it has released has been misleading. However, some officials, including President Obama, have spoken about the program. They have publicly claimed responsibility for killing al-Awlaki, and they have more generally defended the government's right to kill citizens after a secret non-judicial process.

Soon after the fall 2011 drone strikes, we submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the CIA, Department of Defense, and Department of Justice.2 Three months later, we have yet to receive a single document in response.

Tell President Obama: We need transparency about the government's targeted killing program.

The government's attitude toward transparency and disclosure is unacceptable. Officials cannot be allowed to release bits of information about the targeted killing program when they think it will bolster their position, but refuse even to confirm the existence of the program when organizations like the ACLU file FOIA requests in the service of real transparency and accountability.

We must demand government transparency. Stand with us. Urge the Obama administration to release greater information about this program.

The public has a right to know the legal basis for the targeted killing of U.S. citizens.


Anthony D. Romero
Executive Director, ACLU

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"Strike on Aulaqi demonstrates collaboration between CIA and military," The Washington Post, September 30, 2011.
"FOIA Request Regarding Targeted Killing of Anwar Al-Awlaki," October 19, 2011.

This is a VMADS as seen of 60 Minutes.

Vehicle Mounted Active Denial System