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Americans Torturing Americans/please research and publish.
Domestic/Homegrown Terrorism, Gangstalking-Ultrasonic Torture, Unauthorized Implants
Off-line Hacking/Wireless Intrusions/Emissions Monitoring
A Window Cleaners Story
By Stefan Keith Howard
Open or closed minded?
“What you select or choose to perceive is determined by your personal frame of reference, that is, the organized whole of your experience up to any given moment.” If I did not write and personally experience the following sanctioned injustices, I would find the following paragraphs difficult to believe. An hours research online will make you a believer.
Offline Hacking
Original writing 8-14-00
I will briefly attempt to explain the technology- Tempest Monitoring or Emissions Monitoring is a term given for remotely monitoring computers. Very few people realize, anyone with the appropriate equipment can monitor, record, and capture computer data from unsuspecting people in the privacy of there homes, place of business or mobile laptop while off-line and without the help of any wireless networking hardware or software. Imagine, your credit cards' data, social security number, vital personal and business files open and available to anyone. The technology is not new. It has been around for some forty years +. Until now the threat and main targets have been big business, national /International security or any target that might presume to give the intruder a worthwhile or not so worthwhile motive to initiate this stealthy intrusive activity. Computer monitors, external ports, cables, CPUs, printers, modems, and even wall sockets are means of which Electronic Emissions are captured and exploited. With a directional antenna, strategically placed transceiver, relay and signal amplification bugs, we are all at the mercy of these curious and sometimes vicious self serving people. All computer manufacturers have first hand knowledge of the signature, fingerprint, individual frequencies emitted from each and every product they produce. These non-disclosed specs regulated and controlled (FCC Regs.) by the government. While ON-LINE, enter key words Ultrasonic Torture, Gangstalking, Tempest Monitoring, Microwave Weapons, Crowd dispersal Device, Government Torture Tactics, Directed Energy Weapons, Unauthorized Implants, Electronic Harassment or VMADS for a wealth of info on the subjects. More on ultrasonic torture later. The Unofficial Tempest Pages is a good place to start. Why stop at just monitoring? The next and most obvious step would be Remote Write Capability with mouse control. "BINGO!"I believe it’s called “Blue Snarfling”. There is not a household computer in the world that can’t be remotely hacked. You now have the power to rule the world. The unlimited possibilities and exploits of such power is and has been a reality for sometime now. When (if not already) the technology filters down to the private sector and the hacker clubs freely place instructions within their network, there goes what is remaining of our supposed privacy in the universal neighborhood. The FBI and other enterprising individuals have this capability. All persecutional paranoid delusions aside, I am being monitored as I type. The Ultrasonic Torture on a level from 1 to 10 is as I type at 4. It is my discuss and disrespect for a few arrogant bully types that prompt this writing. Little slimy buggy type things scurry quickly when the rock is over turned. I hope to inform and enlighten people who are unknowingly targeted and victimized, not to debase an otherwise respectable organization. I do question if Remote Torture , Tempest Monitoring and Gangstalking are unspoken accepted coded policies.
Who do I think I am and Why Me?
I am Stefan Howard a window cleaner and songwriter from Philadelphia. In 1999 I called the Philadelphia FBI office to report the alleged theft of music files from my computer during an instant message. After directing my call to the computer crime department, an appointment was made and an agent was to come to my residence to take an initial report. The 10am meeting was not honored. I was not notified of a rescheduling. After three weeks of repeated calls and leaving voice messages to request a meeting, there was no response. I finally called and left a message complaining about the seemingly non-responsive attitude. At this point I believe a decision was made to investigate me. Since June 1999 I have been the target and victim of Tempest Monitoring with write capability and mouse control. (Port and Input device frequency matching) As of December 2000, I have been the target of Ultrasonic Torture. Mans inhumanity to man is alive and kicking. Again, it is being arrogantly used as I type. This letter has been updated. The Office Of Professional Responsibility and your congressman must be forwarded a copy of this letter.
This part reads like fiction!
For those of you familiar with wireless hacking, computer forensics and intrusion detection, I am sure you will recognize the characteristic tell tail sighs of the following exploits, I have a Mac Power PC 6500. First I noticed my mouse moving independently regardless of my actions. Also the mouse speed would change at will. Logically I replaced the mouse and mouse control software and ran diagnostic and repair programs. the problem persisted. The intruder would actually show up when I ran programs such as ADB Probe, ADB scan etc. Microtek Track Ball was listed as a device remotely connected. I emailed 3 Megs. of screen shots of this evidence to the New York FBI Office. The computers monitor would flash very brightly on boot up. While playing PAC Man I actually had a remote adversary who would retard my controls when I would go for the power pill. At this point I knew nothing about Emissions Monitoring and was both incensed and fascinated. These were simply preludes to what would become a full-fledged around the clock self serving, ego and hate driven, childlike illegal harassment. A half hours work would take days. The attacks became progressively vicious. Thousands of hours of work, databases, contracts, painstakingly drawn Web Graphics destroyed. I would build these documents over and over only to be destroyed. The order given probably resembles the following. “Let him get so far with his dream and then wipe him out.” This type of order along with the clearance it takes to use and implement remote computer sabotage and ultrasonic torture suggest the involvement of highly ranked representatives of the FBI. Frequency matching and transmitting the signal to a computers input device and or ports is often used when implementing a "Wireless Hack". Writing and inserting malicious boot code, synchronizing and duplicating disk while configuring communications software and ports are all means of gaining and maintaining a remote connection. Out of my league? Absolutely. Abuse of power? Absolutely. Expensive sophisticated state of the art equipment bought by taxpayers being use to psychologically and physically torture and torment an American Window Cleaner?!?........ Damn!! What Oath did they take? While ON-LINE the assailant would somehow prevent me from going to key web sites. e.g Sen... Specter, ACLU, Harpo Productions, FCC, Dateline, 60 Minutes, Department Of Justice Etc. During this frustrating hassle I devilishly entered GUNS into my search engine and was immediately transported to related Sites. I have no interest in guns. I spoke with Carmen at Sen... Arlen Specters office and she referred me to Mr. Cunningham who subsequently referred me to Mr. Kenny Evans. Mr. Evans seemed to be sensitive to my concerns. Mr. Dennis Cohen of the Philadelphia DAs office is aware of theses alleged invasions of privacy, 4th Amendment, Civil Rights Violations, but it seems he does not have the manpower to investigate my claims. I have had police officers come out on several occasions when the attacks were particularly blatant and vicious. The general responses was, “It is not within our jurisdiction”, or a mild wide eyed smile. I have reported my claims to the Phila. Detective Division and Internal Affairs just in case the twenty or more recorded calls to 911 mysteriously disappear. A message is meaningless if it is unheard.
Insert and Update: as of 4/22/03
I have placed at least 100 calls to 911 and over 20 to 215-418-4000 requesting justice. The FBI reps simply say, "We don't do that". On one call I asked, "If you are not the ones doing this, why haven"t you arrested the people who are"? The response was silence. Sigh!
Whales Communicate by high and low frequency sound waves. Thank you Mr. Million years old Mammal for giving man an idea to make another weapon.
Only the guilty participants really know the Motive. I can only presume. Maybe simply because they can. Maybe this is an in the field case study. Maybe because some are ego driven. Maybe they do not like me. Maybe the preceding motive is unprofessional. Maybe my profile fits. Maybe they enjoy wasting taxpayers money. Maybe I should not write when I am angry. Maybe they did not count on me writing the article, Maybe they think Plausible Deniability and Untouchable are the same words. Maybe it started out as an investigation and just got out of hand. Maybe this is case study number 8,605 ST-UT (The ST-UT stands for Psychological Torture and Ultrasonic Torture respectively). Maybe this is new FBI tempest Training 101. Maybe they are perfecting and testing the newest and latest gizmos in a real life in the field laboratory environment. Maybe they can smooch my donkey. Maybe I have a fat chance in Skinnyland of exposing and prosecuting these hypocrites who conveniently place themselves above the law in the name of the law. What is worst?, a criminal. or a criminal with a badge. Maybe I can not afford state of the art scanners, bug detectors, frequency scramblers, emissions cloaking materials or other counter surveillance equipment costing in the tens of thousands. Maybe someone of equal or superior rank has a conscious. Maybe this oppression is fulfilling a pea brains childhood need. I could never work for a jerk who ordered me to attempt to destroy a mans aspirations and spirit. The subordinates undoubtedly enjoy the so called work. Maybe “Unspeakable Acts, Ordinary People, The dynamics of torture” by John Conroy should be placed on your "Books to Read" List. Maybe this writing will not get the exposure it deserves.
Legal, Investigative, and Press Request
I seek legal and investigative assistance, I will meet, at your convenience with any legal, medical, investigative or press organization who will listen. In my opinion all new computers sold within the US should give reasonable notice of the possibilities of and realities of Tempest Monitoring. The notices should be placed on the packaging and within the users manual. Is there a Lawyer in American who would consider a class action suit? Also, The medical profession should be notified and more sensitive to allegations of this type. There are many ways to justify and confirm my suspicions and the results would provide empirical evidence. Feel free to fax or forward a copy of this letter to your City/State/Government representatives and other interested parties.
Domestic Terrorism-Level Ten?..... White Noise/Pink Noise /SPLs/Cause and Effect
Americans have died and are dying fighting terrorism. Why is terrorism being used by Americans to target Americans? If just 5 Governors or Senators personally experienced level ten of Ultrasonic torture, heads would role in center city Philadelphia and Washington. Note: “Level Ten”, might be on a scale from one to twenty! It is my opinion that these non lethal weapons are indeed LETHAL. These military developed weapons (also see VMADS) should be directed if necessary at Americas Enemies, not Americans that have been denied the right of due process and who fit a particular "PROFILE".... "God Bless America?"
First Physical Assault
December 2000 Merry Christmas
Using Global positioning technology and transmitter implants, the following speaks for itself. The first time I felt the “burning sensation” in my inner ear was December 2000. I was reading at the breakfast table when I experienced what seemed to be pressure building within my ears. At first this would occur when I began to read. ("Don’t read Stefan Howard".) Reading gives people the power to make better choices. This intimidating behavior modification strategy failed and the intensity and frequency increased daily. I guess I was suppose to subliminally associate reading with pain or displeasure. Today is Sunday, March 23rd, 2003. Since December 2000 on almost a daily basis I have been assaulted both physically and psychologically. When the media releases this story on an international scale, victims world wide will come forward to testify. Until then, this cowardly illegal injustice will be an ongoing longitudinal study and the victims will continue to suffer and die. This is not the first time experiments conducted by so called behavioral scientist have grossly crossed legal lines. I would like to remind you that everything I type is being monitor and captured in real time. We are all influenced and subjected to behavioral conditioning in one way or another.
Break in of apartment 320
March 2001...Noise Campaign
This paragraph will only be available upon request. “During March 2001 while residing in Apt 220 at the Walnut Park Plaza,(6250 Walnut St. Phila.. Pa. 19131) and after three months of requesting information from management as to who is occupying a supposed empty apartment, I broke down the door of 320.
Arrest/Mercy Hospital/Psychiatric Ward/
Friends Hospital. (Whitewash with slanderous out of context statements/remarks from the prosecution) /Septa/Final Disposition................................................
One Horrible morning!
Wireless hacker makes special efforts to indicate intellectual property theft, sabotage and “Electronic Harassment” will continue as usual, regardless!!! Does the primary mission supersede a “World Catastrophe”?????? Someones’ priorities are indeed questionable.(See half white half black star trek episode starring Frank Gorshen) Please post this letter on the web and forward to the media.
Credibility Issues
There will be obvious attempts to discredit my truths. This is possibly know as Standard Operational Procedure when dealing with whistle blowers. I would hope the reader of this paper would be objective and intuitive. Ask the question, why would this person go to all this trouble to inform or influence the reader?. My answer is........Good honest dedicated people work and pray for this country while others use people for their own selfish, hateful gratifications. I am passionately compelled.
The Ongoing Hypocrisy For those of you who can, check my (2002),2003, and (2004) phone records. Each time you see a listing stating calls made to 215-418-4000, I was being tortured. This was and is my attempt
to curve plausible deniability and to create a paper trail.
Insert 5/17/02.... 911 operator Laughs and makes sarcastic remarks.
Unanswered Questions
How many news stories written in your local paper on page five that have gotten one paragraph with a small title something like...."Man goes berserk and shoots fellow workers. Or lets try " Man claims the government is reading his Mind". Or why don't some of you doubtful readers call the Public Broadcasting Station and request that a program titled FRONTLINE (PBS) be shown on the MAJOR networks. The documentary I refer to is entitled " A CRIME OF INSANITY". “The Ralph Tortorici story”.He was targeted and got screwed big time. He committed suicide while incarcerated. To be tortured while in a jail cell must have been maddening. This is one of many tactics to compromise your an my supposed arrogance and integrity. Intimidation, fear, and suppression are the tools of those who wish to be or stay in power. How about some AMERICANS seeking a change join me in shining a bright light on the internal injustices within our government. Remember..I am a window cleaner. This operation is ungodly. Did my brother Wayne Howard die from a electronic induced grand mal seizure on Dec. 19th 2002. He was a Korean War Veteran. Exhume the body!
Closing Remarks
May 1st, 2003 11am
"UT" Every morning and various times of the day...Regardless the location. There are many other Target/Victims. Please help this story get the media coverage it deserves. I would like Americans to help the other targeted people who have placed aluminum foil around their heads!... Like throwing stones at tanks? The symbolism is unforgettable. While watching the popular “X Files”, a seasoned FBI agent said, “ It’s one thing to kill a man..but to kill a mans spirit is a wonderful thing to watch.” The writers of this cult hit series are very insightful. Pray for the target/victims who have placed aluminum foil around their heads that can not begin to defend against “ The Tank. My stone is a pebble, but a lot of pebble pitchers will eventually (I hope) cause mechanical problems. Please pick up a projectile and toss it. Your contribution will enhance the Murphys Law Theory. I have named this unamerican
arrogant hypocrisy “OPERATION SMUT!”/Satellite Mounted Ultrasonic Torture”
Fast Forward to 06/11/2004
Our men and woman are dying daily fighting terrorism. Who are these Computer Crime Unit pompous, arrogant, hypocrites terrorizing there own people. This Tuskegee Experiment mentality with a High Tech Twist is simply shameful. I respect all Law enforcement agencies and realize the small percentages involved in corrupt activities will always be a reality. Say a prayer for our people laying it on the line to keep us a safer people from most of our enemies. Evil flourishes when good people do nothing. Please forward this letter to Mr. Bob Woodward. You see, every time I try to locate contact info for Mr. Woodward I am immediately disconnected from AOL. Is somebody AFRAID of Mr. Woodward?
The following is a partial list of persons who have been sent this letter via fax, snail mail or have had my comments deposited in their voice mail box. Please excuse my spelling.
The Capital Gang, Larry King, Johnnie Cocran Tonight, Howard Stern, Agent Killgore (BCI), Us Attorney (Phila) Inspector General (King Of Prussia), Chaka Fattah, Robert Brady, Jim at Robert Bradys office, Jeff Cole Fox news, DOJ, Rick Sentorum, Chris Inyard, Victor Nuefield, Barbar Walters, Ed Bradly, Mike Wallace Morle Safer, Dan Rather, Office of Professional Responsibility, EPA, Harpo Productions.. Dianne Hudson, Megan, and Mrs Rikenten ,FRONTLINE, Jim Leher,Peggy Robinson, Mayor Street, Lyn Abraham,Naacp, ACLU, Democratic National Committee. FCC, Federal Judges, Psychologist, Ear nose and Throat, Associated Press, Chicago Sun-Times, Mr John Kerry, Mr. Bush and more. Email to at least one Congressman or Senator in each State. I am being Assaulted NOW! 06/11/2004..06:52 AM Nothing Has Changed! GOD BLESS MY BELOVED AMERICA!
Stefan Keith Howard
Broken Brain Music BMI
1419 Chew Ave.
Philadelphia, Pa 19141
Phone 215 -276-8888 or 215-2241983
Email: Stefanumagesty at
V.O.M.I.T.\Vitims Of Microwave Intense Torture